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searchengineoptimizationHi, I’m Mark McKnight, If you need to develop your business presence online and engage more customers searching for your products or services, I can help you.

I specialise in natural search engine optimisation methods such as article marketing, blog and forum commenting, on-page SEO, social media marketing, directory submission and many others that will help your business website rank higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

I can also create consistent social media profiles for your business across highly popular media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. I did one for Driving Lessons Belfast. Check it out.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself… I live in Northern Ireland and am happily married with two children, a boy and a girl. My hobbies include playing the cornet, photography and building web businesses.

Building websites is more of a paid hobby as I enjoy running this online business in my spare time which includes SEO optimization, Website building, Social media management and Affiliate marketing.

Over the last few years I have become quite proficient in these areas of internet business building and continue to develop myself within these aspects of online business daily through specialist forums, online courses and webinars.

As with most businesses, the quicker you learn about new developments in your market, the more suitably placed your company will be in dealing with the competition.

I started my online journey in 2008 and never looked back. I now have a small portfolio of website businesses which produce a good monthly income for me. I still work full-time for a telecoms company, but that’s because I also enjoy my job and don’t want to retire from it just yet.

My SEO and Social Media services are very competitively priced and I always guarantee to beat or match any previous quotations you may have been given from other service providers. Checkout Skip Hire Belfast.

I Specialise In Affiliate Marketing

The concept of niche affiliate marketing, associate, or referral marketing started around 1997 when started paying webmasters a commission for referring people to go to their website to buy books. The reasoning behind these new marketing partnerships came about because the internet had, and still has, millions of websites on many different subjects. also has millions of books on many different subjects.

Whenever a visitor found a website on a topic they were interested in, they were given the opportunity to find further information outside that website using links scattered throughout the content on the page redirecting them to the website. These links were encoded with a special tracking I.D. to enable the affiliate program software to determine where the link originated from.

Once they were on the website, they were able to purchase books on their subject of interest and the webmaster got paid a commission. This added great value to the originating website and it was win-win all round. The visitor got the information that they were seeking, got a book sale and the webmaster got an affiliate commission from for referring the visitor to them to purchase the book.


An Introduction To Niche Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t just limited to books. This business model can be adapted for any product or service…training courses, software packages, video games, etc.

Let’s say that I have a website related to digital photography, which I do! My website, Digital Photography Tricks provides 1000’s of visitors per month with all kinds of information related to photography such as tips, posing techniques, wedding photography ideas and so on.

Whenever a visitor finds my website, they read through my pages and enjoy my content. Because they’re enjoying reading my content, they also check out my recommendations for further information, products or services. Let me give you an example.

A visitor stumbles across my website because they are interested in digital photography and they are searching for information on how to improve their camera skills. I provide them with information that whets their appetite for more learning and then recommend that they take an online photography course. When they sign up for the course, the course provider pays me a commission for recommending my visitors to take their course. Do you see how it works? SBI makes this possible.

A Quick Recap Of Niche Affiliate Marketing Advantages

Affiliate marketing is a website monetization model with low risks and high rewards. You don’t need to spend time developing your own products or services. Other people have done this work for you. All you have to do  is choose the best merchants or companies to do business with.

You never need to worry about carrying stock, postage and packaging or making sure you have enough stock. There are no payments to process, customer service issues or any upfront costs. You simply send potential, presold visitors through your dedicated partnership link and the merchant does the rest. If your fortunate enough to get a sale, you get paid your commission.

A niche affiliate business really can be started on a low budget. You can get started today from as little as $30 per month. A good example is: This low budget startup hasn’t even made it’s first penny yet!

Why Do So Many Affiliate Marketers Fail In Online Business?

There are a few niche affiliate marketers earning large sums of money every year and many more earning a good living from their online businesses. I fall into the latter category of making a good living online.

The majority of people, around 95%, who try to start their own business online fail. Why? Because they don’t do it properly. Some of the mistakes they make are as follows:

Failure to prepare. They jump in with both feet without proper preparation and planning and no system in place. How do you overcome this problem? Choose a site concept or theme you are passionate about, brainstorm the topics that will provide you with the best income and find affiliate companies or programs that are best suited to your niche.

Putting all their eggs in one basket. They choose a company they thought was good and turns out to be bad. The company they choose goes bust. The affiliate program has no help or support. How do you overcome this? Don’t rely on one product or service. Have a diverse range of products to offer your visitors. Also have other complementary monetization plans in place as well such as Google Adsense.

Poor Quality Website. You won’t build any trust with your visitors if you have a amateur looking site. If your content doesn’t hold your visitor’s attention, they aren’t going to stay very long. They will simply click back to the search engine and go somewhere else. How do you overcome this? Build a professional looking website with high quality content that develops your visitor’s trust so they follow your recommendations earning you commission.

No Traffic. If people can’t find you website, they won’t be able to buy your products or services and you won’t earn any money. How do you overcome this problem? Produce content pages that are search engine friendly. Track and monitor your pages to make sure they are perfectly optimized for visitors. Build your content pages using the most in-demand search terms and keywords.

Most affiliates fail due to one or more of these problems and as you can see, they are totally avoidable with the right tools and training.

I can help you get it right from the very start. Especially if you are a local business. Right now I am concentrating on helping a small number of clients with my Belfast SEO services.  If you need a new website for you business or want to develop your social media reach, then I can help you. Contact me at Let’

I specialise in helping photographers, driving instructors, plumbers, electricians, basically any small, local type business could use my help.

You can contact me at

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