Wedding Music Ideas For Your Big Day In Northern Ireland


They say that “Marriages are made in heaven”, but who doesn’t want a piece of heaven on this earth? A wedding ceremony plays an extremely important role in one’s life and is often considered as a cherished moment in a couple’s life.

Therefore to make it noteworthy, couples often tailor their ceremony by incorporating unique wedding ideas and practices to meet their personal desires and make their ceremony fun. One such good idea for wedding entertainment is to include some exclusive wedding music.

If you wish to add a classical touch to your ceremony, you can include some traditional soft music in the background of your Drink’s Reception or hire a live band for your wedding party. Here are some wedding music ideas that you can consider.

String Quartet

How about booking a string quartet for your special day? It can be a wonderful adjunct to the religious service. It is a musical ensemble of string players, including two violin players, a cellist and a violist.

It is one of the most extrusive chamber chorus in classical and popular music with most extensive composers from the later 18th century onwards. It can be used for the evening reception, background music for the drinks reception, the meal and many other times where you feel its requirement is appropriate.

Ceilidh Bands

Ceilidh’s have skyrocketed in popularity for traditionally themed weddings. They are an excellent way to bring people together to step out on the dance floor and keep dancing and celebrating life. So if you enjoy contemporary traditional music and think your guests will too, book the reel time ceilidh band with a real funky upbeat approach.

In fact Haste To The Wedding are one of the best Ceilidh wedding bands Northern Ireland. Checkout for more great bands.

Jazz/Swing Music

This music can touch your soul and it is a mixed musical genre of American and European traditional music. If you want to make a serene environment during your wedding, this could be for you.

You can class up your occasion and add a touch of glamour to your special day by picking up from the range of jazz acts. Contemporary jazz is based on American pop, while traditional jazz is based on saxophone and the songs and tunes harmonize perfectly well in the weddings.

Wedding DJ

Most of the weddings now include a DJ after the band. If you want to tot up abundant energy tailored with smart song choices along with quality disco equipment, you can hire a DJ.

Many bands nowadays are offering a Band and a DJ package. This will enable the DJ to use the same sound equipment without wasting much time and also have the feel of the gathering at the same time.

Bag Piper

You can hire a traditional Scottish Bag Piper to reckon up a traditional feeling to your ceremony. It can be used before, during and even after your ceremony for entertaining the guests. If you wish to announce the arrival of a special guest or bid farewell, a bag piper’s call is the perfect way to do it.

Solo Musician

For intimate gatherings, solo musician can be an excellent idea to add rhythmic and melodic beats. A pianist or harpist or guitarist can help to create an enjoyable ambiance on your big day.

Professional Gospel Choir

These solo singers and choirs can make your day a memorable one, especially if you are having a church wedding. The choir will provide beautiful sounds and command your guests attention.

So make your day the most special one by considering these entertainment ideas for your one in a lifetime ceremony. Also if you want to have a great looking tan for the first dance, why not think about Sunbed hire in Belfast.

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